PerioPro Natural


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PerioPro Natural

The Premier Natural and Ready-To-Use Oral Rinse

This antibacterial formula contains organic and natural ingredients… a unique blend of 14 fruit bioflavanoids with Xylitol, sweeteners and natural flavours. PerioPro Natural is pleasant tasting and safe for the whole family.


• effective against the bacteria that causes dental caries
• natural ingredients reduce the build-up of stains caused by other “chemically-bases oral hygiene products on the market
• helps eliminate/reduce odour causing bacteria
• antibacterial properties reduce the incidence/reoccurrence of cavity causing bacteria.


A proprietary blend of Citrus Bio-flavanoids, Xylitol, purified water, natural flavors and sweetener that safely eliminates harmful oral bacterial which cause cavities.

When used as part of a basic oral hygiene Perio Plus and Perio Pro Natural prevents dental caries by reducing the colonization of caries-causing bacteria (Mutans Streptococci) within the oral cavity.

Available in 500ml and 4L bottle sizes

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4 litre, 500ml


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