Xylitol, unlike other sweeteners, cannot be utilized by acid producing bacteria in the mouth.

Xylitol has proven to show a reduction in tooth decay in both high and low-risk groups.www.xylitol.org/about-xylitol

Xylitol enhances the remineralization of teeth, particularly in incipient caries. Due to xylitol’s presence, bacteria are unable to produce an acidic environment thus maintaining the ideal oral pH which minimizes caries.


Are you using a pre-rinse for your patients?

Pre-procedural rinsing has a profound and sustained effect on reducing the aerobic and facultative flora of the oral cavity, which will decrease the number of micro-organisms introduced into the patients bloodstream during invasive dental procedures. Rinsing may also be of value in the dental office by creating a hygienic environment during dental manipulations.3

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