Oraldent Pharma Inc. is Canadian owned and operated by Teresa and Mike Gilman from British Columbia.

Teresa Gilman - Owner

After managing OralDent Pharma for the past 19 Years, I was fortunate to take over in January 2012 as President.

Prior to managing OralDent Pharma, I worked professionally in the dental industry for 10 years. Given that, I understand and recognize the needs and complexity of running a successful patient based practice. As President, I understand customer service is paramount. Feel free to personally contact me anytime.

~ Teresa

Mike Gilman - Owner

Previous owner of a community based business which has helped people achieve their rehabilitation goals for more than 15 Years in the Health Care Industry.

In addition to being a successful small business owner he managed a diverse portfolio within OralDent Pharma including manufacturing, sales and marketing. He has proven to be a great asset during our company restructuring and will be actively involved in the management at OralDent Pharma.